How to Decorate Flip Flops

Flip flops are sandals but are a but more fancier. Do you think they are to plain?Then fancy them up with these steps. Let your imagination run wild!:-)

Personalized Flip Flops

If you have any letter beads, then spell out your name and glue the letters onto the flip flop’s straps. Let dry overnight for better strength.

Feathery Flip Flops

Get an old feather boa or buy a bag of feathers at a craft store(I recommend Michaels). Then glue the feathers one by one onto the straps until the straps are covered.

Button Flip Flops

Gather buttons of all shapes and sizes. Then, glue the desired buttons onto the straps. If you can sew, then sew the buttons onto the straps instead of gluing for better strength. Make sure there are no visible spaces in between.

Rhinestone Flip Flops

Gather any shape,sizes,or color of rhinestone. Pick the desired ones up with tweezers and using a hot glue gun, glue each one on the flip flop strap.

Flower Flip Flops

Get a silk flower and glue one onto the middle of the strap. Decorate the remaining space or leave it plain.

Bow Flip Flops

Use a bow and glue it onto the middle of the strap. Let dry overnight for the maximum strength. You can also use a clip hair bow. Just make sure it isn’t too heavy or big.

Balloon Flip Flops

Get a bag of water balloons. Tie the water balloons on the straps until the straps are fully and completely covered.

Hope you have fabulous flip flops!:-)


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