Healthy Food or Junk Food?

Healthy food or junk food? That’s a very common question. Well, I am going to compare the two and say why should you eat this … and not that.

Why You Should Eat Healthy Food

  1. It could be good for your liver, immune system, etc.
  2. Some of the things could taste good.
  3. It could help you loose weight.
  4. It might cure any kind of special health concern like asthma, diabetes, etc.

The Purposes of Some Healthy Food

apples: Cures asthma, diabetes. Could help loose weight.

ginger: Helps stop vomiting.

Why You Should NOT Eat Junk Food

  1.  It can make you fat.
  2. You might get worse if you are sick.
  3. You might get sick eating it.
  4. Above all, IT IS NOT HEALTHY!!


So, what do you think is better?



4 thoughts on “Healthy Food or Junk Food?

  1. Cherry's little sister

    I like this article very much,because it teaches me stuff about healthy food and junk food.


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