Excuses For Not Turning In Stuff

“I forgot it.” “I lost it.” The most common excuses for forgetting your homework, assignment, etc. Well, I know this is for kids, but forgive me. I was out of ideas. So, if you forgot anything of yours that is important, here’s a list of excuses you could use. Warning: do not keep using the same things or it will get fishy.

1. I forgot to put it in my _________. It is right on my table.
2. I was drinking ________ while doing it and it spilled on my ______.
3. I forgot about it after I went to go shower.
4. It got ripped. It was on the chair and I moved so it tore.
5. My _________ took it.
6. Somebody took it.
7. It got dirty.
8. I didn’t have enough time to finish it.
9. I was sick.

I hope this article helps.


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