Being a Giraffe

If somebody had a chance to be an animal, and that somebody was me, I would choose to be a giraffe. Wouldn’t that be so fun? Here, I would do these things if I was a giraffe.

Initially, if a hungry tiger/lion comes looking for a meal and finds me, (I am in the jungle now) they will experience my giraffe’s powerful kick. That lion or tiger will bolt!

Next, maybe some poachers come into the jungle, in hope of finding a giraffe to cut off it’s tail and make a lucky charm with it. Yikes! If they find me… well, a giraffe has many “powers”, which is good. Yes, I would run with my super-fast legs.

Lastly, I would most likely end up in a circus. When the person in charge of the circus comes, I would: kick him really, really hard, and run around in the tent, wrecking it. Then, I would escape!

So now, you know what I would do. What animal would you rather be?


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