A Day With Jennifer

Hi! If I had a day with anybody, that would be Jennifer. You probably don’t know her. She is very nice, funny, and creative. That is why she is one of my best friends. If I could spend a day with her, we would go on YouTube, tell funny stories, and watch movies. Great!

Primarily, on YouTube, we would look at Walk Off The Earth videos. When they get to “I Knew You Were Trouble”, we would sing along! I hope Jennifer and I don’t go off-pitched.

Second of all, she and I will tell funny stories of our lives, like when we were small, at school, home, things like all that. Maybe I’d tell her the time when I was small and got curious and sucked my big toe!

The last thing we would do is to watch movies. Movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Twister, Harry Potter, The Forbidden Kingdom, and more. Great fun!

Well, you know who I picked and what I would do. It would be a day of great fun. Who will you pick?


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